France Leroux,
Senior advisor, Occupational Health and Safety
(514) 736-0707 ext.5

ance Leroux’ expertise within Archambault Groupe Conseil brings invaluable on-site experience and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) solutions to complete our group’s multi-disciplinary CNESST team which also includes CNESST Finance experts, Claims management experts, paralegal technicians and, of course, attorneys specialized in the field of OHS and Workers Compensation matters for specialized legal representation before the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT), the appeals tribunal in matters of Workers’ compensation, Occupational health and safety (OHS) and Labour law.

Due to her extensive experience in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, Ms Leroux is called upon to handle a very wide range of mandates for the Firm’s clients, including:

  • Disability Claims management (both CNESST and non-occupational, Group insurance STD-LTD claims)
  • Health and Safety Audits (Compliance, Prevention and Claims management performance)
    management performance
  • Conception and Implementation of Corporate OHS Policies and Prevention plans
  • Creation, training and management of Health and Safety Committees
  • Creation, training and management of Safety Groups (Mutuelles de prevention), etc.
  • A wide range of in-house Management and Training programs


Ms Leroux has over twenty-nine (29) years of experience in Human Resources, twenty-six (26) of which have been devoted to counseling, training and assisting employers in all types of matters respecting Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation, representing Management interests exclusively.

While working in Human Resources, she took part in the implementation and management of a Group Insurance Plan for Unionized Employees and Managers providing benefits to over 4 000 people.

She has participated in the creation and management of numerous Health and Safety Committees as well as various Safety Groups ( « Mutuelles de prevention », including Groupe St-Hubert and Canadian Tire ) and has also been responsible for the claims management and training activities of many such Committees, Safety Groups and countless employers.

Before joining our Firm, she was a Senior consultant with one of the largest HR and Benefits Consulting Firms in Canada.