Medical / Legal Management

Optimal management of workplace absenteeism requires a team effort.

Particularly when it comes to occupational injuries,
 the personal knowledge which the internal managers have of their environment and workers,
 the time-tested methods, tools and techniques applied by our Medical and Legal Specialists/span>
and our proficiency with the Financial aspects of CNESST Claims management allowing you to avoid both unproductive expenses and the high costs of inaction
 and our team of highly knowledgeable attorneys specialized in Health and Safety for all your legal representations in front of the « Tribunal Administratif du Travail » (TAT),
all of these combined, make up the team you need to help you achieve the optimal management you want of your CNESST employer files

All questions relating to the Medical / Legal Management of your industrial accidents and occupational diseases will be managed by Ms. France Leroux and Mr. Marc Décarie. These two highly qualified professionals offer you the extensive knowledge, experience and techniques they’ve acquired over more than 30 years of practice in the field of workers’ compensation as well as health and safety management with employers of all sizes.

Their extensive experience allows them to assist you with all your Claims management needs:
Expert advice and support for your managers
Analysis or management of specific claims including
-Claim eligibility
-Medical control and monitoring
-Requests for Independent Medical Evaluations
-Rehabilitation and return to work programs
-Assistance and Representation with the CNESST agents
-Drafting of Oppositions, Requests for review (DRA) and various contestations
-Filling of Appeal procedures (« Actes introductifs ») before the Tribunal Administratif du Travail » (TAT)
Temporary light duty assignment programs
Audits and Claims Management Training
Outsourcing packages
Financial recovery programs