OHS prevention and Audits

Workplace Safety and Prevention Audits, training and all matters relating to occupational injury prevention are handled by Ms. France Leroux, a 30 year OHS professional with a wide spectrum of experience.

Creation and implementation of :
–   prevention programs,
–   corporate policies,
–   OHS procedures and,
–   all related training
Emergency plans and measures
Prevention management audits
Creation of efficient Health and Safety Committees
Forms, tools and templates to optimize OHS Committee organization
Accompaniment of the OHS Committees (training, support, follow through)
Safety Group (« Mutuelles de prevention ») :
–   Creation
–   Organization
–   Management
–   Support and Training

Our Health and Safety Audits
Our Health and Safety Audits ensure a meticulous and structured verification of all aspects of an Employer’s optimal management of its health and safety programs.

In the majority of cases, a half-day visit is enough to allow us to establish a diagnosis and provide you with a brief report evaluating the current state of your management and identify the main elements of an action plan to quickly improve the employer’s procedures, organization and performance.

Prevention and Conformity
The « Prevention » section includes an analysis of the 8 conformity points required by the Quebec Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety, an analysis of the employer’s Prevention program, activities, organization and measures already in place, as the case may be. This will allow Management and the Health and Safety Committee to improve and tailor their Prevention program to the employer’s specific risks, needs and challenges.

A brief Audit report will be provided on the spot, clearly identifying the strengths and areas which need improvement, as well as a prioritized list of measures to be taken and a check list to facilitate the implementation of an action plan to quickly put the required improvements into place.

Claims Management Aspect
Similarly, the « Claims Management » section includes a quick review of the management’s methods, medical control and follow-up procedures in place. This also allow us to rapidly identify methods and techniques likely to improve the interventions, as well as the forms, procedures and tools which can be put into place to ensure efficient management of the more complex and litigious files.